Tuesday, 4 November 2003

what is the world coming to?

OK, I know it's a bit late, but but what on earth happened to Wales on Sunday night? Rediscovered their passion? Gave it a good crack? Didn't take no for an answer? Who knows, but it seemed to work and produced what has got to be of the best games of rugby I have ever seen - and England wasn't even involved.

Sets up an intriguing England v Wales quarter-final this weekend, can't wait myself. And, for that matter, sets up a good prospect for NZ v SA, if the Bok pack plays up to its potential and the NZ forwards are as useless as they were on Sunday. Ahh, Rugby World Cups, don't you just love 'em...(well, I do anyway)

Other than watching lots of rugby and doing not a jot of study, not much happened at the Arakawa Riverview in the last week. The plants are looking a bit healthier after I pulled off another bunch of caterpillars and threw them over the balcony (I must admit to feeling a little guilty about doing that, condemning them to a free fall death over a 7th floor parapet - perhaps its because I'm reading another book by Joe Simpson that seems to include a lot of lines like '...and then he died whilst climbing in Bolivia...', which I suppose is quite normal for one of his books, but still). Also pulled off some of the more completely nibbled leaves, which seemed to perk them up a bit. The olives, rosemary and lavender all seem to be going well too, as the autumn continues to be quite warm and balmy in this neck of the woods.

That's about it really. Hmmm. Will try to have some deep thoughts to share with you all over the next few days...

...probably won't happen

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