Sunday, 11 January 2004

War! pt.2: The Tactics

It gets even better with the GSDF and their trip to Iraq. A spokesman from the defence ministry said this week that they do not believe there will be a problem in Iraq with people shooting at them, even though it is a war zone. However, if, and this is a really big if, some nefarious local insurgents start to take pot shot at the Japanese Army, they now have a plan.

They will evacuate.

That's right folks, in the best Monty Python tradition, the cream of the Japanese army will tactically retreat if someone starts attacking them... away! away!..........

Dante was almost right

He just forgot to include Akihabara on a Tuesday morning to his seven levels of hell.

Now Golf Playing Going to have a Child Brother oftentimes admonishes me for not going to Akihabara. For those who don't know it is the bit of Tokyo where there are lots of shops selling electronic gadetry, computers, game software and the like. Julian admonishes me because he has never been there.

I hate Akihabara. Really dislike it. If you have all day, nothing to buy, are a real gadget geek and have a mental age of 13, then I am sure you can spend a pleasurable 18 weeks there. But, if you are there before work on a Tuesday morning in January trying to pick up a webcam, it is a horrible place for a variety of reasons not limited to: the only shops you recognise don't open until 11am; you ask simple questions like 'where are the web cameras?' and get replies more complex than the current mission to mars; you can't get a cup of coffee anywhere; the piece of hardware you've been told to buy is only sold in one shop - but no one knows which one; if you decide to browse until the shop you need opens, looking at another floor of duty free md players and ipods gets *really* dull. And on...and on...and on...

But anyway I got the webcam, took it to work, installed it on my pc there with no fuss or hassle, just pop in the cd, agree to the terms and conditions and then we're good to go.

Then I brought it home for the weekend and tried to install it on the NEC laptop...

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