Wednesday, 26 May 2004


Had a most singular experience this morning that was odd enough to share. I was walking to work at about 8:30 along the backstreets of Kawaguchi, minding my own business and compiling letters to various people in my mind, as I went, when what should cross my path but a real life chicken... (or perhaps cockerel, though I saw no marauding French rugby players)

The bird, a rather thin and weedy looking brown specimen was a-strutting along the road near the big building site looking distictly bemused about its predicament, though not nearly as bemused as the crowd it had attracted.

but anyway

For those of you not here, the Telegraph have a 'Go to Tokyo' thing in their online paper here. Joy that we are finally becomming a tourist destination must be tempered by the fact that this feature, at the end of May, contains the sage advice 'avoid from June to September due to heat and humidity'.

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