Sunday, 24 July 2005


A five minus trembler wandered past the greater Tokyo area at 4:30pm this afternoon, the first real biggy since Marcus was born. Luckily I was holding him at the time and so dashed to the front door, just in case (in the sense of just in case the front of the building falls off, which will happen, judging by the cracks around the balcony). Worrying about yourself during an eathquake is bad enough, but worrying about a three month old is something else. Oddly, no one from the other apartments seemed that worried.

Anyway the 5 minus was centered on the Chiba area, closer to where we used to live and closer to where the Guru's folks live. Apparently it was the biggest quake in the Tokyo area for quite a few years, which I feel is a bit odd as the effects of the Niigata quakes last year felt stronger to me, but there you go. But not to fear (too much) as we are all fine and dandy.

Oh, and apologies about the jinx on the cricket, listening to Saturday afternoon's play, as I currently am, we are117 for 4 'chasing ' 420 and, I fear, we are buggered.

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