Wednesday, 8 March 2006


These things seem to be all the rage right now, well, I mean that they have appeared over at 35degrees and SAAP recently and as I don’t have much to write about this week, or rather I do but summoning the creative energy has defeated my so far, I thought I’d be self indulgent and write about myself. And why not, so...

Four jobs I’ve had in my life

Cheese a deli assistant in Waitrose
English Teacher
‘Jonny No Stars’ in KFC
Recruitment Consultant (which is bottom of the list for a very good reason)

Four movies I can watch over and over again

Blazing Saddles
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Four places I have lived

Fleet in Hampshire
Somerton in Somerset
Leamington Spa in Warwickshire
Kawaguchi in Saitama

Four TV shows I love

Er, well this is a tricky one as I don’t really watch a great deal of TV except for news and sports, mainly as in Japan there isn’t a great deal to watch. I suppose ER is about the only thing that annually comes around that the Guru and I watch all of, but I’ve never got into The Simpsons or much like it. Though I suppose if I can catch South Park, I will. And there is the Before/After house changing programme thing on Sunday evenings, now sadly discontinued, that was worth a watch, as was Iron Chef when it was on. But otherwise, not a lot really.

Four holiday locations I have enjoyed

Sydney, Brisbane and Noosa in Australia (and a place I’d like to add to the ‘...have lived in’ list)
Koh Samet in Thailand
Annecy in France (ah, childhood)
The Lake District in the UK

Four of my favourite dishes

Mum’s roast beef (of course)
Thai green curry
Grilled lamb chops (not that easy to find in Japan and not at all cheap)
Maguro (tuna) sashimi

Four websites I visit everyday

The Telegraph (for news and sports and the Alex cartoon)
Cricinfo (to see what’s going on in the world of cricket)
Site Meter (to see who’s looking)
Flickr (to look at other people’s snaps)

Four places I’d rather be now (apart from playing with the little ‘un and the Guru)

Sitting on a beach somewhere, not really that bothered where, so could be SE Asia, Australia, southern France or anywhere else warm really. But must have a bar close by, a decent book close to hand and somewhere for the little ‘un to play.
Gambolling up, or indeed down, a mountain somewhere in the UK, probably in the Lakes, but Wales and Scotland are also beautiful.
Poking my nose into some antiquity such as Egypt, Greece or Iran, getting a bit of culture, seeing the sights, breathing in a bit of history.
Wandering around Italy, I’ve never been but the Guru has and of this I am very jealous. When we finally have the time, it will be spent travelling from place to place.

Four bloggers I have tagged

Er, is that the same as linking? Don’t think so, in which case none. I may have a blog, but that does not mean I know what I am doing. What is tagging? Actually don’t bother to answer that, if I had wanted to do it I would have done it by now (as it is free, unlike spending a year wandering around Italy, which most definitely is not).

NB all the above will have probably have changed by tomorrow - well, not the ones about where I have lived, for example, as that cannot be changed, but opinion-y ones like where I'd rather be. You get the idea.

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