Sunday, 13 May 2012

The moon

moonYellow moon with towerOrange moon, a bit higherRed moon, low in the skymoon and trainsTokyo Sky Tree
moon & lights #2moon & lights #1Shinkansen Tokyo-boundShinkansen Tohoku-boundCityscapeMoon & stars
April moonCrescent moon

The moon, a set on Flickr.

And just to prove this isn't a photoblog, here are some photos. Most of these were taken last week during the Supermoon period, except for the crescent and the one next to it, I think

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  1. Supermoon? Many years ago in this part of the world Supermoon was known as Paddy's Lantern. I wonder what Mr. Google has to say about Supermoon and Paddy's Lantern? I'll check and find out.

    A return visit and comment will be appreciated.


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