Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Fuji trip

Fuji trip  by tokyobogue
Fuji trip , a photo by tokyobogue on Flickr.
So in the last few months the number of views of this one of my photos on Flickr has gone through the virtual roof and is now my most viewed snap with 703 (and counting...).

I must admit I'm not really sure why. Initially there was a lot of traffic from tumblr and I think it was from a few sites there owned by thin, pale teenagers who like excessive eye make up and then they shared with their friends etc. It could still be them but now the tracking thing doesn't work so I can't see the referring site.

Anyway, it's a decent enough picture though I don't think it's one of my best and not really worth 700+ views, but there you go, what do I know?


  1. make that 6,721 views and counting...

  2. Make that 16,598 views... sixteen thousand!!!


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