Thursday, 21 July 2016

En vacance

Right, we are back in blogging mode as for the next couple of weeks we will be the Seine Riverview and the Loire Riverview as we holiday en France.

Up at the crack on Wednesday Japan time as wanted to get to Narita before the rush hour really started, Tokyo, rush hour and suitcases not a great mix. So left the house at 6.20 for an 11 o'clock flight. Travel OK and to the airport in plenty of time. Second breakfast then onto the plane. Flying Air France for the first time, very full, no spare seats. Talking of seats, found v uncomfortable for my back, which doesn't usually happen. Partially made up for with free champagne in economy.

Good selection of films, watched Spectre (not seen, excellent), The Big Short (not seen, excellent, hate bankers even more now) and the Force Awakens (seen lots of times). Good OK, long flight. Slightly worried before takeoff as cabin crew with 'security' on badges as appeared to take a woman off the plane, but they could have been upgrading her - she didn't look very happy if they were! But plane didn't blow up over Russia so all good.

Arrived on time, quickly through immigration with the most bored looking policeman checking passports I've seen, would give an English jobsworth a run for his money in the 'couldn't give a fuck' stakes. Cup of coffee and a ham sandwich for Marcus as he missed food on the plane when sleeping - first encounter with French people, spoke a few words of French but not too many Japanese interspersed (my brain on works in two modes, English and other languages and they tend to all come out in the same sentence, terribly confusing for the recipient as I don't even realise...)

Bus to Gare Montparnasse, through Paris in the evening rush hour, crazy driver but he got there in one piece. Paris looks both beautiful and ugly. Short walk from there station to the hotel, check-in no problem and up to the room, basic but clean and tidy, will do for 3 nights.

Shower and crash out by 9pm, it's been a long day but we made it.

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