Tuesday, 1 July 2003

cool gadgets

As most of you know, I am something of a techno-phobe. If it is electronic, then I like it to be nice and simple. But get this. Today was my official 'first day in the new job' and so, at about midday, a bright young Japanese thing bounds over and presents me with a box saying "here is your new mobile phone!". This is great, in my job, I will never leave the office! So they give me a mobile...And not just any mobile, it has a little ity-bity camera in it as well, as if I need one of them! (for those of you in Japan shaking your heads now and muttering things like "mine has 15 seconds of video recording on it", bugger off). This job gets better and better. Now I just have to see how long I can hang onto the phone before they ask for it back...

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