Wednesday, 9 July 2003

oh bugger

just had another one of those "write out a whole new diatribe and then just when you're about to post it you press a weird button and it all disappears" moment. Shit. May write it all again tomorrow, but the new link I added is still there. This new link is one that naturally I stumbled across after the last little rant about the short comings of Japan (newest shortcoming - 12 year old boy detained after allegedly sexually abusing a 4 year old and then throwing him off the 7th floor of a multi-story car park - what is this country coming to?).

Anyway, not everyone out there likes us foreigners (gaijin) in Japan apparently...

(PS - tonight's post that I had written was all about the plants, a request from Bert for an update. this will now appear at a later date. Sorry)

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