Wednesday, 6 August 2003

back to the plants

What am I doing to this poor coriander? Now the Percy Thrower stuff is dying as well! It's getting plenty of sunshine, plenty of shade, plenty of water and plenty of loving care and attention with a good regular talking to - and what do I get in return? Well... not a lot really is the only way to answer that one.

And some little bugs are eating half of my basil! The stuff that I transplanted to the big pot and that we ate some of recently has been attacked by some voracious little bugger that is eating all the new growth. This, coupled with my gardening assistant's patent lack of ability in the please-go-to-the-garden-shop-and-buy-some-bug-killer stakes, is making life decidedly risked for the herbacious [spelt wrongly I suspect] borders of my balcony.

At least the lavender and olive tree are doing well. I am still undecided about the rosemary. It isn't dead, but it doesn't seem to be doing an awful lot. Then again, it looks healthy in itself, perhaps it is just biding its time.

Other than that I'm just really panicking about my MBA...

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