Tuesday, 17 February 2004


Just had to post about this as saw it on TV last night. Remember the reality/humiliation gameshow that was 'Endurance' that Chris Tarrant used to show clips of all those years ago?

Now we have a new variety, a sort of reality tv auction. Silly punters with a little too much money go into a studio and bid for items live on camera. Then once they have 'won' the auction, they find out the real price. Marvellous!

Last night a very silly couple, wearing something I'm sure they bought in Roppongi Hills at the weekend, bought a pretty horrible looking afternoon tea/dinner service for 1,300,000 yen and then were somewhat aghast to find the true cost was about 400,000!

My how they chuckled and put a brave face on the fact they had paid three times the price. Ho ho ho went the studio audience. 'Oh no' went the watching gaijin, ' are they really this silly...?' Oh yes.

If you have a beef about something...

In a follow up to the collapse of the gyudon empire that was Yoshinoiya, this little gem from last weeks' papers. A lorry driver wandered into a roadside Yoshinoiya around 9am and, as a livener, ordered a couple of bottles of Asahi beer and, a little later, a bowl of gyudon. After quickly downing his beer he was told, very politely, that the Yoshinoiya would be unable to provide the gyudon as they had no beef left. The chap flew into a rage and started shouting at the staff 'what sort of place do you call this?' etc. Another customer, obviously a bit more clued up, told the chap to sit down and stop causing a ruckus, at which point the driver attacked him and, just for good measure, the person sitting next to him as well! On explaining himself to the impressively efficient police, who turned up on the same day, he said he was unaware of the whole US beef/BSE issue!

So if anyone tells you that the Japanese are the most educated people on the planet, remember that doesn't all of them.

A new blog

have a wander over to pogetry when you get the chance, made me smile, especially about the things parents said whilst driving...

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