Monday, 25 April 2005

Very quickly...


The Guru called whilst I was at work this morning to say she felt something amiss. About an hour later, after talking to someone at the hospital, her waters broke (I don't feel that the person at the hospital was responsible, probably just one of those things). So off she went, then called me to say so, put me into a rush as there were things i had to finish (or no one would be paid - a tough call, but the Guru did say to take my time as nothing much seemed to be happening). Anyway I finished up, rushed home, changed, went to the hospital and, as she said, nothing much has happened since. Indeed I am now back home and therefore able to write this note.

So the waters have indeed been broken, but anything else to do with the birth, such as dilation of the whatnot or the baby being in the right place, hasn't actually taken place as yet. Hmm

"Get some sleep" the Doc said to the Guru, so she told me to go home and get some sleep myself as I looked tired (surely it is meant to be the other way round). So here I am, only a phone call and 5 mintes away from the hospital but not there.

More bulletins as event warrant.


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