Saturday, 6 March 2010

A new beginning

So, the old comments really have gone this time, they have been obliterated by the new template, which for some reason doesn't like old things.

The new look is because I found out that new blogger templates have loads of stuff on that you can play around with really easily - the old template, from about 2003, was all html based so any changes you wanted to make you had to code yourself, or rather, I had to code myself. But this new stuff is all drag-and-drop and edit in real time - super I say! Shame about the photo in the title not really being the same size as the box, but I'll figure out how to resize it sometime.

Anyway; off with the horns, on with the show...


  1. I really like your format! The picture is really eyecatching, and once you figure out how to get it to fit, it will be absolutely stunning (:

  2. Thank you and welcome, Lauren. Just read your post about time and what is 'now', interesting thoughts...(and buggered if I know)


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