Monday, 15 April 2013


Just to follow up on the past about Abenomics, on Friday, after we had been to the Japan Mint (which was very interesting unless you are a 7 year old boy, when it is apparently the most boring place in the universe) we went to a kid's centre in the neighbouring ward off Adachi. The centre was excellent, with a climbing frame that was three stories high (and really cool, obviously) but there was a couple of climbing walls, activity rooms, music rooms, a super cool planetarium with a live feed from an observatory in the Atacama desert and loads of other things.

The point is that in Abenomics' grand plan what they need to build, if building shit is the answer, is more places like the Adachi kid's centre and fewer concert halls or useless roads no nowhere. Centres like these will do all the stuff Abe wants, create construction jobs, staffing jobs, people to design stuff, will be useful for normal people who will use them (this one was basically the play area for a couple of big mansion blocks), and may well have the benefit of encouraging families to have more kids as the kids have somewhere to go and play that's cool and free. Let's hope...


  1. But I think you find kids don't donate to political parties.

  2. Ah but their parents do.

    Also I think old people are slowly realising that they don't benefit from useless roads or unused concert halls either (though they would prefer more old person's drop-in centers and residential homes to be built, which whilst not as beneficial as kid's centers do at least need to be built and then provide work for carers)


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