Sunday, 7 September 2003

The MBA pt.2

Well at least that is all sorted out. It seem that I was in the right and the university was in the wrong, although the way I read the email, it is a jolly good thing for me that they've managed to sort it all out and I had better not do anything of a similar nature again or there could be trouble.

I don't know, all I did was exactly what they wanted me to do, except that I think my tutor received that bit of paper and didn't know what to do with it, so kept it, throwing the administrators into a lather of confusion, which they then ignored for five months. Anyway I have been allowed to continue with my present plan of submitting my first assignment at the end of September, which is good (and, let's face it, bad), apparently after my tutor put in a good word about my progress being sound - which is always nice to hear. Talking of progress, I have now written about 3000 words, most of which I am happy with. Actually, I have probably written about 10,000 words in total, but with rewriting etc, 3000 is about right.

There was also a load of books that they were meant to send me, but didn't, at the start of this module. Thus about 40 quid's worth of books were bought needlessly by me. I wish they had told me that they would provide books at the start of each module, but that would be too easy I guess. They also sent a guide to the first module, with extensive lists of useful articles and suggested assignment titles. Come to think of it, this whole business may have started whrn I sent my tutor an email in August asking for some guidance on assignment titles...

Ah to hell with it, I'm back on course for the submission deadline, and that is what counts I guess. One problem with this could be, of course, the...


...whereby I will return to the UK to drink real beer for a fortnight. The potential problem being this. I submit the first assignment on 29th Sept (company paid for DHL to the UK - nice). Leicester then take 10 days to mark it. If it is total garbage, they then return it to me to be rewritten. But I will leave for the UK on October 11th and may well not realise that I have to rewrite it until I get home on the 27th, possibly leaving me 3 days to resubmit it. I suppose I could call my tutor whilst in England, or even go and visit, but I will be so busy with hiking, drinking Bluebird and beating the lads at darts that I'm not sure I will have time. Oh well, in the words of Ferris Bueller (or it could have been Tom Cruise's character in Risky Business, I can't remember) "Sometimes you just what to say, 'what the f*ck...'"

Back to the Holiday

Yup, that's right, I will be back to Blighty on October 11th, sans partner I'm afraid, as I get a free plane ticket home whereas Minako doesn't. The first week will be spent hiking in the Lakes with Woolhead, CryBaby and Court Shoes (unreal names used to protect the daft) and it is here that the earlier references to Bluebird (local lake district brew, a 'session beer', according to a very drunk Court Shoes one night in March 2002) and darts. Apparently the lads have been practising in my absence and now think they are pretty handy - good luck boys, not a hope.

Profound Thoughts

When one becomes a Blogger, one is opened to a whole new world. One gets to read other peoples blogs as you find them at the site which hosts yours. I have read quite a few blogs, done a bit of research, and have come to a startling conclusion. Other people have deep, profound and philosophical thoughts, that they write on their blogs to share with the rest of the world.

Wish I could do that.

Lastly today

My brother is a golfer.

This is a terrible thing to have to say about any member of one's family and a line I hoped that I would never have to write. But it appears to be true as his wife, Katharine, who can only be described as an accomplice to the act, bought him a set of golf clubs for his birthday (which was yesterday, happy birthday Julian).

Oh my goodness me. From our apartment overlooking the Arakawa river we can see a golf course I sometimes watch the punters wandering around hitting their little balls and I wonder, if I had a high velocity sniper's rifle...

Of course not, but this doesn't alter the fact that my brother plays golf. He'll be giving up his playstation next...

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