Wednesday, 17 September 2003

Mid week update...

This new comments thing is great as I get to respond.

So, my brother Julian (the golfer...need I go on?) posted a comment that I hadn't mentioned, in my last post, that he, father and a couple of other reprobates called me at 5am on saturday morning to wish me a happy birthday.

Well, I can certainly hold up my hand and admit this, the evidence is all (not) there for everyone (not) to see, as it were. But here's the thing, it is such a common occurence to be woken up at 5am by drunken louts in the UK (and now Europe) that it is scarcely worth mentioning anymore, only unusual or noteworthy stuff gets in here.

This is tempered by the fact that I was, apparently, being serenaded by a restaurant full of drunken locals as well - although, to be frank (ha ha), the serious charge of 'willingly fraternising with known Belgians' is now an issue that may well be brought against the bibulous quartet...


Don't forget friends, 19th September - Talk Like a Pirate Day...aaaarrrhhh, me hearties!

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