Saturday, 13 September 2003


Saw a great headline in the Yomiuri today which I just had to share with everyone...

289 Teachers found incompetent in FY2002; 3 fired

what saved the 286, that's what I want to know...?

Apparently some of the shortcomings of these incompetent teachers were listed thus: inability to converse with students [pretty serious], teachers making too many mistakes in mathematics and Kanji [I sympathise with this one] and, best of all, 'high school teachers who continued with lessons even after the entire class had left the room'. Fantastic!

In fairness, it wasn't just that three were fired, there was a much larger number of these 289 incompetent teachers who were reprimanded/punished first - 19.

And now, over to you...

rather than do any studying today, it is my birthday after all, I have been playing around with this and found a way to get a comments section attached. So, if you would like to comment on any of the postings I have made, please do. It seems that everone will have the opportunity to read them, but i reserve the right to veto any that I find too sensible.

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