Sunday, 26 October 2003

Back in Japan

Easy to deduce from the title what this post is refering to. Anyway, am back home and feeling jet lagged already - heaven only knows what it will be like tomorrow.

BA lost a whole lot more brownie points this weekend as not only did I not get an upgrade, again, but they endeavoured to leave my suitcase somewhere that isn't Japan. Last seen in Heathrow Terminal 4, said the chap on the desk. Well yes, I know this as it was the last time I saw it as well. And it wasn't just me, perhaps half a dozen people from the same flight we all waiting to fill out forms - they have a permanent 'lost luggage' desk there, for heaven's sake, I didn't see desks for any other airline...

But that is all I can be bothered to write for today as the backs of my eyes are tired (not a pleasant sensation), not helped by watching England labour to victory over Western Samoa, who had 8 first choice players out and only represented half of the country - as they said in 1991, imagine if we had been playing the whole of Samoa.

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