Tuesday, 7 October 2003

the little chaps

Just following up golf-playing-brother's comments on the last post, the little chaps have got a good 30 minutes of sloshing about in their half pint glass apparently.

Luckily there is no waiting around in Japanese hospitals, so I can do the business, hand the half pint glass (with a bit of clingfilm over the top to stop spillages) relay fashion to Minako as she sprints out the door to her waiting bicycle (sit-up-and-beg style). She then peddles furiously to the hospital and hands to the doc, all in 11.5 minutes - giving ample time for the doc to select the Ian Thorpe's and Mark Spitz's and give them their boost.


Also, moving on, have just watched the dvd 'bend it like beckham'. Corny, true, but quite good fun and certainly a recommendation if found at a lose end on a Tuesday night in Kawaguchi.

Only 2 days of work left to go before I get on a plane back to Blighty. And, one thing that I didn't mention before is that BA have given me another onerous task. It is a real hassle, but on Thursday, when I should be in the office until about 9pm finishing everything up before I go, I have to (have to, mind, for the good of the company) leave the office at exactly 6pm and go to seminar/meet and greet/free BA booze up at a swanky hotel in the centre of town. The things I have to do! I will have to sit there and listen to some dry chap waffle on for 45 minutes about planes or something, then immerse myself in free wine and canapes and drop extremely subtle hints along the lines of 'these new first class reclining seats look awfully nice, I wonder if I'll get to see one tomorrow...'

You can dream.

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