Sunday, 5 October 2003


Was such a beautiful day this week that I took half of it off to masturbate. No really

It is that time of the month again when Minako tries her hardest to get pregnant (obviously with my, ahem, input). Having tried the usual, and far more pleasurable, method unsuccessfully for the past year or so, Minako decided it was time to take things to the next level, or something like that. So, luckily that meant that I had to come home early from work, on a lovely day let's not forget, and produce a deposit that Minako could take to the hospital which they would then encourage to do the business in some way (stand beside it with a megaphone I suspect).

This is not the first time I have had this marvellous opportunity. Way back in Spring I had to perform the same solemn duty, that time so the doctor could check the health and vigour of my output (very 'genki' was his assessment). If you have never had to do this, I can assure that it is not that easy especially as the receptacle they give is the size of one of the old straight half pint glasses - quite a feat to fill one of those I suspect! When I aired this view to Minako, she told me not to worry, then, on her return form the hospital, looked me in the eye and told me with a straight face that I had failed to fill the aforementioned flask and wondered if I could try again, this filling the flask at least half full...

I will not relate the conversation that followed that incident...

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