Monday, 6 June 2005

To be honest with you...

it's getting pretty difficult to find the time to write long an involved posts about post modern Japan, what with having the young 'un here with us. There are a whole raft of things I want to mention today but, and here I suppose, is the nub, I just can't be arsed to sit here and tyoe for about an hour and a half, penning my thoughts etc, when I could be with Marcus, or probably more important, helping the Guru out.

Just in case you were wondering, by the way, he came out of hospital on Saturday, not exactly witha clean bill of health, but we have ideas about how to keep him healthy, how much and how often to feed him, that sort of thing. Goodto have them back home, obviously, but after haivng spent 2 weeks living by myself it was a shock to the sleep patterns and no mistake.

So anyway, I think we might evolve into a more often but shorter posts type blog, with photos added as well as a way of hiding the fact that I'm not writing as much. Or something.

Other things that I wanted to mention recently but have been too involved with other things to do so are:

1) in the annual survey of what elementary school kids want to be when they grow up (yes, this is an official government survey - what a great job that would be), top of the list for boys was pro-baseball player, closely followed by pro-association football player, nothing too surprising there. For girls, the runaway winner for the eight hundredth year (or however long the survey has been going) was not lawyer, or high powered business woman, or anything interesting at all - it was to be a shop assistant. Looks like women's lib has a looooong way to go here, then...

2) cool biz is here - Kool Kid Koizumi has a plan, and actually it is a pretty good one. To stop everyone using quite so much aircon in the summer, all the politico bigwigs and top business bods are to not wear ties, or hopefully jackets either, through to September. Considering the glut of +30 degree days last summer, this seems a winner to me and I am actively trying to get the company in on it as well. Although this all be an attempt to deflect attention away from the fact that the Kool Kid hasn't actually done anything of note for the last six months (except visit the graves of class a war criminals blah blah blah)

3) the lions are roaring in NZ - except for poor old Dallaglio. But better even than is the fact that I, along with some thousands of others and a few chums, will go to watch Ireland beat seven shades of shit out of Japan on the 19th June (ok, it's not better than the lions being in NZ, but it is still pretty good).

4) golf playing brother, sis in law and godson had their non-demoninational, agnostic naming rite yesterday, in lieu of a christening - went well, by all accounts, as grandfather #1 relayed to me yesterday, though not difficult with the winning equation of warm sunshine, bbq, old farts and red wine. Strangely didn't get a drunken phonecall at 4am telling me I was their 'besht mate', which was disappointing as for one I was up and cradling a noisy infant.

5) Friday this week is to be offical baby head wetting piss up. A bit late, perhaps, but no one seem to know when it should be done. Anyway done it will be, reports to follow.

And that is the lot for the moment. So probably a move away from the Monday evening big post fomula to the rapid reaction force like musings of an off the cuff sort of nature.

Or probably same time next week...

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