Monday, 2 June 2003

Back to work

Monday so it must be Okegawa. At the moment I teach on a Monday at a relatively new school. Okegawa is a weird place in that although it is a nondescript place in the middle of nowhere, it has quite an infamous place in Japanese modern history. It was there, about six or seven years ago, that the the first Japanese case of a stalker who got someone else to murder the object of their infatuation took place. No really. According to Minako, who is suitably vague about this, the woman was in her mid 20s was killed by some guy who the stalker asked to top her. Apparently this foxed the police for a long time as they couldn't find any links between the murderer and victim. Anyway the case continues in court to this day.

now, one of the perils of using a small but perfectly formed laptop has just been made clear to me. Because the keys are small and clso together, it is quite posssible to press exciting combinations of keys that do strange things like move whole chunks of the screen around, without even realising that you have done it until you look at the screen and think 'oh, that's changed' or 'where has the task bar gone...?' This i have now done and the top aprt of the internet exploer screen has disappeared, as has the bar at the bottom...hmm. i love computers me. oh, and I took my dodgy disk into work this morning to see if I could retrieve my work from yesterday, no such luck. Even Chris the technically minded chap couldn't figure it out.

And I know you're all dying to hear about the plants. well, no real news except someone managed to kick over the coriander tub today (and i think i can guess who), making it look more like the Eastern Front circa December 1916, with piles of dead herbacious borders amongst the retreating coassacks. or something like that. At least the new percy thrower generation is doing better in the egg cups - when will their day come..?

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