Thursday, 26 June 2003

not enough hours in the day

want to write stuff, but am tired and shagged out after a long squawk (to paraphrase). managed a sidle today and got onto the namboku line without braining anyone. obviously i was in nishi kasai (new job place) today, although still not really started - was being confused about salaries today, made a change from being confused about schedules. thought monday this week was to be my last ever teaching day (for the forseeable anyway) and it was, unless you can forsee (is there meant to be another 'e' in there...?) monday next week, when i shall be back at stalker central okegawa for one last time...again. also had an auspicious moment last week as bought and used a non-gillette razor for the first time...i was going to say 'in 15 years' but i think i can say my life. am now seeing the folly of my ways as this new japanese razor 'with rotating drum cylinder to make bristles stand proud" is crap and cuts my chin and throat far more than the old one - if i change back, will it be a defeat?

plants are doing well, percy thrower coriander is growing pretty well, but all the original stuff now seems to be dead - what am i doing wrong? basil continues to show up all the other plants except for the olive tree - had email from dave in bangkok, who originally looked after the olive tree and who passed it on to me. glad to hear you are doing well, soon this tree will be as tall as you are. but also the lavender is putting on a bit of a spurt, which is good as it smells nice, unlike bins, which don't. who knows about the coffee tree, it seems to grow its own cobwebs. most unshrub like.

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