Sunday, 1 June 2003

You just can't trust the weather

I should realise this, of course, coming from England. Today was meant to be the day of the Big Omiya Barbeque, or BOB for short, but BOB had to be changed. First of all, in a draconian bout of anti-enjoying yourself legislation, the Omiya Koen Parky has decreed that none shall feast on barbequed fodder in his domain, oh no (unless you are Japanese and it is cherry blossom-viewing-drinking-in-the-park-eating-grilled-yakitori season (annoyed! moi!)). So BOB has become BOP, the Big Omiya Picnic. But about the weather. Typhoon #4 made its way to Japan yesterday, the earliest typhoon for 40 years or something (what happened to the other 3 this year?). So yesterday was hot and sticky and chucking it down with rain. Stay in, feel depressed etc. The forecast said Sunday would be of a similar vein, but of course we are now basking in glorious early evening sunshine, not too warm, not humid at all, in other words, perfect barbeque weather. Has Micheal Fish made the move here? And I stayed in today and worked, thinking that the weather would be bad, but I'll save that anguished story for later...

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