Monday, 9 June 2003

BOP...and more

So I tried to write this last night, when I returned from BOP a little worse for wear, but for some reason I couldn't get into the website. Maybe because I was alittle worse for wear, who knows. So now it is monday and we can reflect on what went on. BOP, the Big Omiya Picnic, may have to be renamed MSOP, the Medium Sized Omiya Picnic as only about half of the teachers who said they would turn up actually did. But for those that did, we had a most pleasant, relaxing and enjoyable time in Hikawa Koen. Wine and beer was drunk, food was consumed and...christ this is riveting stuff, isn't it? It was a picnic, we went to a park and got drunk, end of story really. But it also sums up human nature. The two teachers who have campaigned and complained most vociferously about the lack of organised social events were two of the ones who didn't bother to turn up. Why is that?

Talking of 'why is that' questions, Japan is full of them. It is also a country where style comes before content or thought much more often than say the UK. A good example of this is weddings. Apparently it is very popular in Europe and the UK to get married in June - June Brides is a big thing, or so I am led to believe by Minako. So naturally if you are Japanese and want to get married and be jolly modern and international looking to boot, you absolutely must get married in June, darling! At least this is what the magazines have told the marriage punters, or vice versa. But, and here is the flaw in the system, June is a shitty month to get married in Japan as it is rainy season - for those of you who have not experienced rainy season, the weather looks like February in england (i.e. grey and wet), but the temperature is up to about 25-30 degrees and humid as well. So why is it that everyone wants to get married in june? who knows. Today was Okegawa day, as well you know, and the receptionist came back to work today after getting married (though to be fair her wedding was at the end of may), but again in style over thought moment, the 'hottest' place to honeymoon right now is Australia, where it is now Autumn and her perfect beach honeymonn was spent watching the rain come teeming down. Do these people have no idea?

The plants are doing well. Excellent advice, it appears, re the olive tree pruning (see Tuesday 3rd June) as it has stopped growing upwards and is definitely trying to grow sideways (unlike me, who desperately wants to stop growing sideways, but has little success). The new 'percy thrower coriander' seems to be growing, we have four plants, although one seems a little on the small and stunted side (for those that know him, please insert your own Robbie joke here), the others are doing all the right things. As for the 'old' coriander, I think we may have to give up on that soon. it is will be a harsh decision, but someone will have to make it.

And just a quick word for the England rugby team - well done stuffing the Maori's earlier this afternoon, bring on the All Blacks...And well done to the England Sevens team for winning the Twickenham 7s and only just failing to win the series.

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